Linville Caverns

Deep inside of Humpback Mountain lie the Linville Caverns, North Carolina’s only caverns. These caverns were first explored by the white man over 100 years ago. It is said that in 1822 a fisherman noticed trout swimming in and out of the mountain and he began looking for a way to see where they were going. While visiting the caverns you can experience the awe this fisherman felt upon viewing the inside of his discovery.

Linville caverns remain active as mineral deposits continue to form the stalactites and stalagmites. The water, produced by this mountain, with it’s corbon dioxide created the caverns by dissolving limestone and dolomite thus creating natural passageways into the mountain.

During the winter and early spring you may get to view an Eastern Pipistrelle Bat, which hibernates here, hanging from the ceiling, but be sure you don’t desturb it because this would be fatal to the bat.