Jackrabbit Mountain Trails

The trails travel along the shores and hills beside Lake Chatuge. All trails are open to mountain biking and hiking, and although the trails were constructed specifically with mountain biking in mind, they’re a nice place to hike as well.

These trails were constructed over a period of over 5 years in a “Stacked Loop” configuration. A main central loop, which is easy and nearly level, has junctions with several more difficult side trails, traveling to some interesting destinations such as ridgetops and beaches.

The forest here is mostly young, having been logged with a type of selective logging technique in the not-too-distant past. Stands of even-aged, smooth-trunked trees lie beneath a few leftover larger, shelter trees that were allowed to stand when the logging took place. There’s quite a bit of poison ivy, so keep that in mind when choosing your clothing, especially during the summer. There are no major stream crossings to speak of, but the lake is always nearby to enjoy.

– by hikewnc.info