Cataloochee Ski Area

Maggie Valley, NC – Cataloochee is a ski area located near Maggie Valley, North Carolina. The area has fourteen ski slopes and trails. Depending on where you have spent most of your time on the slopes you may have a different view on the following, but approximately 25% of the slopes are rated beginner, 50% intermediate, and 25% advanced. Top elevation of 5,400 feet, has a maximum vertical drop of about 740 feet. The slopes are accessed by five chair lifts and two carpet lifts. Cataloochee is heavily equipped with some of the most advanced snow making equipment and groomers in the South.

The effort Cataloochee puts in to making snow usually allows for them to be one of the first slopes in the area to open and provide customers with a snow base all season. If you are in the area and want to try your hand at riding the slopes them give Cataloochee a visit and if your backside gets cold from sliding down the slopes then just go inside and enjoy the warmth and comfort of the lodge.